Rental management, simplified.

Automate the process of collecting rent, security deposits, and legal documents.

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Secure Your Income

We pre-authorize transfers to ensure your rent is paid on time and in full. By using ACH, funds are moved from one bank to another on a predetermined schedule. Once the transaction is finished it cannot be stopped or disputed. 
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Early Notifications for

Potential Rent Payment Issues

When a renter disconnects their bank account prior to rent being due, you are notified that you may have a potential non-payment, allowing you to begin any legal proceedings sooner rather than later. 
Differentiate between who is planning to pay their rent and who is not.
No more back and forth about missed rent

Move-In Admin

Prior to move in, send our team your new tenants name and email.

On your behalf, we’ll welcome your new tenant with a user-friendly and information-transparent electronic rental agreement and onboard them to Rent Cloud. Your new tenant will electronically complete the agreement without missing a thing. After your new tenant signs, the document will be sent to you to review and sign at your leisure. 

Once you complete the lease, everyone receives a copy, and the security deposit is automatically transferred to your bank.

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Onboard your new tenants without leaving your computer.
Execute legal documents and receive your security deposit in a few clicks.
Automatically transfer their security deposit to your bank.

Premium Support

Our 100% US based team takes pride in helping landlords create a secure stream of income from their rental properties. Your in-office contact is an email away. 



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3% per transaction

This covers everything: onboarding, rental agreements, security deposits, and monthly rent.

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