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Automate Rent Collection. 

Rent Cloud saves you time by automating your tenants rent payments and enforcing lease terms. 

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Alex Fusaro, Founder

"Help us make better solutions for landlords by telling us you're interested. As an early stage company, your support is very important to us."

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Collect rent automatically
and on a set schedule.

Rent Cloud integrates with your tenants financial institutions to collect rent automatically on a set schedule while providing tenants with multiple options to pay their rent. 

When rent is due on the 1st, Rent Cloud will automatically charge the account that the tenant selected as their Rent Source.  Soon, tenants can select more than one source.
Have more control over your rent collection
Automate annual rent increases
Save time with predictable bookkeeping

Late rent no longer exists

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Rent Cloud pre-authorizes rent payments to help make sure your rent is paid on time and in full.

Payment date & amount are set by you and your tenants cannot adjust them.
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Early Notifications for
Potential Issues

When a renter attempts to disconnect their bank account prior to rent being due, they are notified that they may be violating their lease agreement.
If they proceed to disconnect, you are notified that you may have a potential non-payment, allowing you to begin any precautions sooner.
Collect an Early Move-Out Fee equal to one months rent. If the tenant successfully moves out, you can refund this early move out fee. If they overstay, you can put this towards missed rent. 
Differentiate between who is planning to pay their rent and who is not.
No more conversations about missed rent

Ready Legal Documents

Our council will provide you with new legal paragraphs and addendum's ready to include in your lease agreements.


Our full service implementation will assist with on boarding your current and new tenants to Rent Cloud.


Help Us Make Rent Cloud!

Simply showing your support goes a long way. Help us make better solutions for landlords by telling us you're interested. 

As an early stage company, this support is very important to us.

Simplify your
rental management.

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